xiaomi’s New Year offer, a chance to win a laptop when buying a TV

On the occasion of New Year, Xiaomi has brought an attractive offer for the purchase of Xiaomi Television. Under this offer, consumers will be able to win a Mi Notebook Pro or a 40-inch Mifora Television in any Mi Television purchase.

Considering the demand of the consumers and the approaching New Year, ‘Mima Double Majja’ offer has been brought. Under this offer, one winner who buys Mi Television can win a Mi-Notebook Pro as a bumper gift through Lucky-Draw and 6 winners can win a 40-inch Mifora Television through weekly Lucky-Draw.

Mi Television supports over 4000 apps in the Play Store. To change the channel from the smart bluetooth remote, you don’t have to point the remote at the TV and it has the facility to search YouTube and Netflix in Nepali language, said Saomi.

The data saver technology in the television saves 40 percent more data than other TVs even when watching TV from mobile data. This television is equipped with frame rate reduction technology.

The company claims that the 32 to 65 inch TV available in the market has the same features as the one you buy, so even if you buy a small TV, you can enjoy all the features like the big TV.

The market price of the television has been fixed from Rs 29,900 to Rs 1,099,999. The offer will be valid from April 3 to April 31.

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