Who was James Asheton Bayard Sr? (July 28, 1767 A.D – August 6, 1815 A.D)

James Asheton Bayard Sr. (July 28, 1767 A.D – August 6, 1815 A.D), American lawyer and statesman, born in Philadelphia. He graduated from Princeton College in 1784, studied law, and settled permanently in Wilmington, Delaware.

He became leader of the Federalist party and served (1797 A.D-1803 A.D) in the U.S. House of Representatives. After the indecisive presidential contest of 1800 A.D between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr, the House became responsible for the decision.

James Asheton Bayard Sr. was influential in securing the choice of Jefferson. From 1805 A.D to 1813 A.D Bayard was a U.S. senator from Delaware. In 1814 A.D he was a member of the commission that negotiated the Treaty of Ghent with Great Britain, which ended the War of 1812 A.D.

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