Who was George Bancroft? (October 3, 1800 A.D – January 17, 1891 A.D)

George Bancroft (October 3, 1800 A.D – January 17, 1891 A.D), American historian and statesman, often called the father of American history. Bancroft was born on October 3, 1800A.D, in Worcester, Massachusetts, and was educated at Harvard University and the University of Gottingen, where he prepared for the ministry. From 1823A.D to 1831A.D he was a teacher at Round Hill School, a preparatory school that he helped to establish, in Northampton, Massachusetts.

George Bancroft then moved to Springfield, Massachusetts, where he began his career as a historian. In 1834 A.D he completed the first volume of History of the United States, his most important work, nine additional volumes of which appeared during the next 40 years. Meanwhile Bancroft had become prominent in Democratic party circles in Massachusetts, and in 1838 A.D President Martin Van Buren appointed him collector of the Port of Boston, a position he held until 1841 A.D. In 1844 A.D he was an unsuccessful candidate on the Democratic ticket for the governorship of Massachusetts.

He was appointed secretary of the navy by President James Polk in 1845 A.D; his most notable achievement in that office was the establishment of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. He became U.S. minister to Great Britain in 1846 A.D, serving until 1849 A.D. During the American Civil War George Bancroft broke with the Democratic party and vigorously supported the policies of President Abraham Lincoln. From 1867 A.D to 1874 A.D he was in Berlin, as minister to Prussia (1867 A.D-1871 A.D) and to the German Empire (1871 A.D-1874 A.D). He died in Washington, D.C., January 17, 1891 A.D.

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