Where Is Jhapa? Places To Visit In Jhapa District, Nepal

Jhapa is the most fertile and densely populated district in Province No. 1 of Nepal. The northern part of it is adorned with hilly mountains and the rest of the land falls in the Terai. According to the 2068 BS census, the population is 81,2650. The area of ​​this district is 1606 sq. Km. Has been The district is bordered by the Mechi River to the east of West Bengal, India, and to the south by the Indian state of Bihar. It is bounded on the north by Ilam and on the west by Morang district. The lowest land area of ​​Nepal is Kechnakaval-58 m above sea level. And the longest concrete bridge in Nepal on the Kankai River at 702 m. They also belong to this district. The major trading cities are Birtamod Municipality, Damak Municipality and Kakarvitta. Famous tourist and pilgrimage places of this district include Kankai Dham, Kotihom, Arjundhara Jaleshwar Dham, Jamunkhadi wetland area, Kichchak Vadh, Kechnakaval, Satasidham etc. The major rivers of Jhapa are Kankai River, Biring River, Ratuwa River, Mawa River and Mechi River.

Geographical location Of Jhapa District, Nepal

Latitude: – 26.20 “to 26.50” North
Longitude: 87.39 “to 88.12” East
Borders: – East-West Bengal (India), West Morang District, North Ilam District, South Bihar, India
Area :- 1,606 sq. km.
Average length: – About 46 km. (East-West)
Average width: – About 29 km. (North-South)
Height Of Jhapa District: – It is about 58 meters to 500 meters above sea level.

Jhapa district’s international border distance (with India):

Total: 118 km
West Bengal: 35 km
Bihar : 83 km

Boundary of Jhapa district:

East-West Bengal, India

West – Morang District

North – Ilam District

South Vihar, India

The political division of Jhapa district:

Parliamentary constituency: 5
Municipality: 8
Village Municipality: 7
Total number of wards: 131
Headquarters: Bhadrapur

Local levels connected with the Ilam district

Damak Municipality, Kamal Municipality, Shivasatakshi Municipality, Kankai Municipality, Buddhashanti Municipality, Mechinagar Municipality

Local levels Connected with Morang district

Damak Municipality, Gauradaha Municipality, Gauriganj Municipality

Local levels bordering India

Gauriganj Municipality, Jhapa Municipality, Kachankawal Municipality, Bhadrapur Municipality, Mechinagar Municipality

Major river Of Jhapa District Of Nepal

Mawa river, Ratuwa river, Biring river, Mechi river, Kankai river

Major 10 Places To Visit In Jhapa District, Nepal


-Mini Mountain


-Burney Tea Garden

-Satashi Dham


-Baradashi Sadhukutti

-Raniban Saranamati



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