Where Is Bhojpur? Detailed Information of Bhojpur District, Nepal

Bhojpur is a remote district in the Mid-Hills region in the Koshi Zone of the Eastern Development Region, one of the five development regions of Nepal. Surrounded by Sankhuwasabha and Dhankuta districts in the east, Khotang in the west, Solukhumbu in the north, and Udaipur district in the south, the total area of ​​the district is 1522 sq km. The district occupies 1.02 percent of the total area of ​​Nepal, 5.30 percent of the Eastern Development Region, and 15.59 percent of the Koshi Zone.

The Bhojpur District is 153 m above sea level. To 4153 m. It is situated at an altitude of 26-53 ‘north to 27-27’ north latitude and 86-53 ‘east to 87-17’ east longitude. The north-south average length is 62 km and the east-west average width is 35 km.

The old name of the Bhojpur district was Siddhapur. There is a legend that the name of the place was changed from Siddhapur to “Bhojpur” as Prithvinarayan Shah had a great feast after the conquest of Kirant. It is said that its name was changed to Bhojpur.

Simplicity, awareness, and people’s emancipation are found more in the social life of this district. Since various Kirant castes have been living in this place since two thousand years ago, there is still a majority of Kirant castes (37.45%). Apart from this caste, Chhetri (20.39%), Tamang (8.67%), Newar (7.66%), Brahmin (5.73%), Magar, Gurung, Damai, Kami and Sarki have been living here in Bhojpur Nepal.

The Best Place to visit in the Bhojpur district of Nepal are Tamke, Selme, Suntale, Dingla, Mayung Danda, Silichung, Hatuwagadhi, Salpa Pokhari, Hanspokhari, Ghodetar etc.

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