Up to 1 lakh per person can now be remitted from our calendar remittance

It has been 7 months since Hamropatro, the most downloaded and only popular app in Nepal, started remittance service. Through this service, which started on September 26, Nepali citizens currently living in the United States can send money to Nepal.

Money can be easily transferred to any Nepali bank account from US bank account and debit card. Till now, it was allowed to send a maximum of USD 30,000 per person in six months, but from now on this limit can be increased to USD 100,000. The limit will be set at 10,000 per transaction, and this feature will apply to Tier 3 users.

Launched as a calendar, our calendar has been providing the facility to view the Nepali exchange rate of Forex, i.e. foreign currency, since its inception.

Now the facility to view exchange rates and send remittances is available in one app. Our calendar is believed to be the easiest option to send money to Nepal from abroad.

“For the time being, remittances will be credited to Nepali Bank’s account within two to three days. Instant Pay facility will be available within a month, under which money will be credited to Nepal’s bank account within a few minutes of remittance,” said Shankar Upreti, Founder and CEO of our calendar.

Users will need to download HamroPatro’s app for Android by clicking here , go to Google Play Store and go to iOS App Store .

Also , by clicking here , you can also use our calendar remit service from the website. But only users in the respective countries will be able to access this feature in the app.

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