The White House will coordinate cyber security meetings of 30 countries

The White House will convene a meeting of 30 countries to address cyber security. President Biden made the announcement in a statement on Friday.

According to Biden, the meeting will focus on combating cybercrime, improving legal implementation partnerships, discouraging illicit cryptocurrency trading, developing reliable FiveG technology and further securing supply chains.

“We are demonstrating the utmost in our ability to manage both the risks and opportunities of new technologies such as quantum computing and artificial intelligence to defeat harmful cyber activity,” Biden said.

According to the American news agency CNN, the first cyber security meeting will be held on a virtual basis.

The meeting will feature a series of dramatic cyber security incidents from previous years, including the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, the Solarwinds software supply chain attack, and the Microsoft Exchange server hack.

A summer meeting between US President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin took place after last year’s Solarwinds attack, which is said to have been carried out by the Kremlin.

In addition to multinational cyber security measures, the Biden administration has taken steps to improve cyber upliftment locally.

Last August, Biden pledged to spend a certain amount of money from major technology companies, including Google, Apple and Microsoft, to improve the nation’s cyber-viability.

In May, he issued an executive order on cybersecurity ordering federal agencies to modernize their cybersecurity tools.

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