Sadguru gave Nepal the title of ‘Switzerland of Asia’

Sadguru gave Nepal the title of ‘Switzerland of Asia’

Renowned Indian yoga guru Sadguru has dubbed Nepal as ‘Switzerland of Asia’.He left for Kailash Mansarovar via Limi Valley in Nepali territory and returned to Kathmandu by the same route. In the meantime, he participated in an informal program organized by the Nepal Tourism Board on Saturday. On the occasion, Executive Chief of Nepal Tourism Board Dr. Dhananjay Regmi welcomed the gathering.

In the program, Sadguru said that Nepal is the Switzerland of Asia. ‘Nature, culture, adventure, what’s not here? All that is needed is the thought of managing it and the journey to prosperity from it, ‘he said.’ No one can stop the prosperity of Nepal on the day when that thought is exposed. ‘

Sadguru said that Nepal’s prosperity was possible only through tourism. He said that Nepal is a unique gift of nature and heaven is the only place in Nepal. He suggested to develop tourism by juggling the originality of the place. Stating that sustainable development is not possible without planned development, he suggested the Tourism Board to take it to planned development while preserving the original art and culture of Nepal.

On the occasion, Executive Chief of Nepal Tourism Board Dr. Dhananjay Regmi said that Sadguru’s visit to Nepal would send a positive message to Nepal’s tourism. He said that due to the religious and cultural similarities between Nepal and India, both Nepal and India could benefit from tourism. He also said that the Tourism Board is ready to cooperate with the Sadguru for the promotion of religious and spiritual tourism in Nepal. He also called on Sadguru to work for yoga and meditation in places like Khaptad.

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