NepalPay QR facility now available at Himalayan Bank

Himalayan Bank has joined the National Payment Switch and entered into an agreement with Nepal Clearing House to operate NepalPay QR. An agreement has been signed between the bank and House to provide state-of-the-art digital payment services to customers.

With the agreement, Himalayan Bank has become the first bank in Nepal to conduct banking transactions through this facility. According to the bank, the customers can easily and simply pay for the goods and services purchased from all the merchants who bring NepalPay QR into operation through QR.

The bank has informed that other services available from the clearing house will also be gradually provided through the National Payment Switch.

The bank claims that Nepalpay QR, which has joined the National Payment Switch and is in operation, is an excellent and secure payment system, so the bank’s customers will benefit directly. After joining this system, customers will be freed from the hassle of paying in cash.

Ashok Shamser Rana, Chief Executive Officer of Himalayan Bank Limited and Nileshman Singh Pradhan, Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Clearing House Limited signed the agreement.

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