Earn money through ‘Pind Link’ feature in Clubhouse

Now you can earn money from external links in Clubhouse. In the app, users can place other external links and monetize them easily. Speaking at an event organized by The Verge on Saturday, Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison and Marketing Head Maya Watson informed that a new feature has been added to Clubhouse.

The company has named this feature ‘pind link’. Using this feature, moderators can place helpful links for listeners and readers in the app, which will direct the moderator’s readers and listeners. Those lines should be compatible with the respective rooms of the clubhouse. If this is not the case, any of the moderators in the room can remove or include the link.

The company has not disclosed the specific names of the types of links that cannot be placed. Only fans’ links cannot be pinned. According to the company, this feature will be released for Android and iOS users from October 27 in Clubhouse.

In the program, it was also stated that there will be no reduction in revenue from the link connecting to the clubhouse. It has also been said that the Clubhouse will be automatically monetized on the basis of room tickets and subscriptions within the next few months.

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