Can Rajesha Hamal start working on the film after the lock down?

Can Rajesha Hamal start working on the film after the lock down?

Some actors of Nepali films also started directing films. However, most of the actors did not succeed in directing the film. Some actors have directed only one or two films while others are continuing to direct films.

Protagonist Rajesh Hamal has also been saying that he has been directing films for the past few years. He has not even acted in a movie. After finding different tastes in the audience, Hamal has been working seriously in film directing but has not been able to start work. Similarly, Hamal is presenting the subject of directing films in the media.

When to direct a film with the investment of friends in the United States, when to direct an incomplete film of his own uncle late Deepak Rayamajhi. The subject of Hamal directing films is always in the news.

However, Hamal has not been able to start directing films. He says that he is getting an offer from the movie. Will Hamal start directing after the problem of Kovid is over? The journey of Hamal’s direction should not be just talk.

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